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Wall System Components
Pre-cut, pre-drilled and bar-coded log wall stock
Caulking compound
8" or 10" lag bolts with washers
Cedar joining splines
Closed cell foam seal strip

Gable End Options
Precut log wall stock with accessories above
Log siding

Framed Gable & Dormer Material
2 x 6 framing
7/16" OSB sheathing - as required

Roof System Options
Round log or square beam
Purlin support posts
Truss assembly - round log or square timber with steel gussets

Round log or square beam
Ridge beam
Collar ties

Ceiling Sheathing at Prefab Truss or 2 x Rafter Roof
T&G pine

Windows & Patio Doors
Andersen Series 400 high performance windows & doors

Pre-Cut Window & Door Bucks

Exterior Doors
Therma-Tru insulated entry system: 2 panel, 1 light

Partition Paneling
T&G pine

Partition Framing
Studs 16" centers - 2 x 4 or 2 x 6

Roof System
Purlin or beam rafter system only
T&G pine first roof board
4" rigid insulation - R 7.2 per inch
Prefabricated roof trusses as required
2 x 12 rafters - as required
2 x 6 rafter collars - as required
12/32" OSB sheathing
15# felt paper
Drip edge
Roof shingles - 25 yr. asphalt
Ridge vent

Interior Doors - Options
6 panel pine - passage
Louver bi-fold closet
Interior door frames (not pre-hung)
Interior door lockset & hardware

Floor System
Sill Seal insulation
Built up girder materials: 3 - 2 x 10, or as required
Pressure treated sill plate: 2 x 8
2 x 10 floor joists, or as required
Header & doublers
Joist ties
Metal bridging
Sub floor - 23/32 T&G engineered wood panels

Loft Stairs - Options
Treads & stringers 3 x 11
Treads & stringers - 1/2 log
Rustic log or square handrail

Basement Stairs
Treads & stringers - 2 x 12

Loft Framing Options
Ceiling joists - Round log or square beams
Tie beams - Round log or square beams
Tie beam support posts

Loft Floor
5/4 T&G spruce sub floor
Loft Rail
Rustic log or square rails & balusters - cedar

Interior Trim & Finish
Window & door trim - 1" pine
Baseboard - 1" pine
Frame gable & dormer interior finish - 1" T&G cedar

Exterior Trim
Window & door exterior trim - 5/4" cedar
Eave trim & fascia - 1" pine
Soffit - T&G pine

Dormer Options
Precut log wall accessories as above
Log siding with false log corners
Porch Framing
Roof Support header
Support posts - round or square
Log siding with false log corners

Joists - 2 x 8 pressure treated, or as required
Headers - 2 x 8 pressure treated, or as required
Cedar decking 5/4" radius edge
Rails & balusters - rustic log or square cedar
Joist hangers

Deck - as above
Roof framing - 2 x 6 rafters & ceiling joists
Ceiling - T&G pine

Construction Assembly Plans
Construction instruction booklet
Detailed blueprints



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