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Energy Envelope System

Tell us what R-value you need?

Contact your County and find out the insulation requirements for your building site.  We can meet them!

R-16? R-19? R-23? More?

How does it work?
We start with Northern White Cedar, which naturally resists heat flow through its wood, referred to as the "R-value." The higher the R-value number, the more resistant the material is to letting heat transfer through.  The new Energy Envelope increases the log wall R-value in increments by adding insulation panels inside the logs.  The thicker the panel, the more R-value, at very modest costs.

The Energy Envelope is constructed from the log wall exterior toward the interior. A layer of foil-faced rigid insulation is applied to the interior of the log wall. Then, an insulating 3/4" layer of sealed air space is created by applying thin strips of strapping to the inside surface of the rigid insulation. Then the interior tongue and groove cedar, shaped to either a flat or round profile, is applied. The R-23 Energy Envelope has the extra benefit of allowing for easy electrical wiring.

Superior Continuous Insulation
The Energy Envelope System outperforms conventional framed construction with two-by-sixes and fiberglass insulation, because it offers continuous insulation. A conventionally constructed wall conducts heat in and out through the two-by-sixes that become "thermal bridges" between the interior and exterior of a house. The two-by-sixes have a much lower R-value than the fiberglass insulation inserted into the spaces between the framing. With the Energy Envelope System, the entire log wall is covered by rigid insulation and thus provides an unbroken barrier in your exterior wall insulation.

Combine Energy Envelope with high R-value, vented "double roofs," efficient Anderson Windows and Therma-Tru Doors, and you'll be ahead of whatever energy curve ball gets thrown your way.


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